Vision and Values

We, as Sega , with all our staff, aspire to ensure customer satisfaction and sound growth by providing products and services of high quality and standards.

Values of the Sega :
Our Customers are the focus of everything we do.

Our top priority is to create value for our customers; to respond promptly to their necessity with quality. It is our mission to take responsibility for our products for the long term.

To be “the best” is our eventual aim.

To be the best in quality, service, supplier, and dealer relationships; to offer the best service opportunity for our customers; and to sustain this reputation are our primary aim. To achieve these aims we are committed to managing our businesses to be the leader in the market.

Honesty, integrity, and business ethics are the foundations of our business attitude.

We conduct our business based on good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all our relationships. We are committed to conforming at all times to the highest ethical and legal standards. We are a leader in serving our society and safeguarding the interests of future generations. Protection of the environment and promotion of a higher level of environmental awareness are our duty to both our country and our World.