About & History

The history of SEGA goes back to 1986, when Mr. Yunus Takak developed the small-scale business and made considerable contribution by importing goods from the neighboring counties and distributing in Istanbul as well as in the Southern part of Turkey.

In 1990 onwards, Mr. Yunus Takak, has further developed the business by importing and exporting car care products, accessories, spare parts, tyres, batteries and hand tools.

Later, moved to Istanbul in order to perform trade operations more professionally. Initially, all import and export products were handled at the shop in Istanbul by marketing various parts and hardware in the Turkish market.

From Trade To Industry

Through the years 2000, SEGA has not only become active in Iraqi, Iranian, Bulgarian, and German markets, but moreover played a leading role in the development of these market seven further. SEGA has also become one of the most strong and trusted brands in the Middle East, Africa, CIS Countries, South America, and Asia in manufacturing and exporting , automotive accessories, lubricants, auto cares, construction chemicals, and automotive spare parts. And growing each day, reaching its local and export targets. Today’s SEGA , is keeping up in step with the latest developments in the globalized word, and producing updated products by using the state-of –the art technology in both its Manisa and Iraq plants.

SEGA brand is a registered trademark, and is one of the largest global brand in its sectors. For more than 20 years, SEGA, has been committed to making people's lives easier, better and more beautiful. SEGA offers strong brands and technologies in more than 60 countries, and in three areas of competence: Auto Car Care, Lubricants - Service Fluids and Adhesive Technologies.

In Turkey, SEGA markets a wide range of well-known consumer and industrial brands, including SEGA FIX® adhesives and sealants, SEOIL® motor oils, SAFIR® motor oils, HARMONY® households products, PRESTIGE® air fresheners.

Managing By Making People Love What They Did

Mr. Yunus Takak is remembered by his business colleagues at work as a person whose relations with people was based on honesty and modesty. He had a management style whereby he made people love what they did. He was a manager with deep insight who knew how to learn from others' ideas very well and who valued team-work highly.

He was extremely disciplined, earnest and hardworking in his daily life. He was an excellent listener during meetings, chose his words most carefully and took the most efficient and effective decisions by listening to what was said.

Also he is a person who devoted his life to the development of industry in the Turkish private sector, braved the hardships and responsibilities incumbent upon him by virtue of his capacity as an industrialist with great self sacrifice and perseverance, setting an example in the business world as an eminent person.