The Importance of Brake & Parts Cleaner

Automotive brakes are undoubtedly one the most important parts of an automobile. If there’s any part that requires constant care, it is the brake system. Brakes get dirty often due to the constant exposure to grease, brake dust, road debris, grime and petroleum-derived brake fluid. A quick way to dissolve these pesky varmints was needed. This is why brake cleaner was invented.

As the name suggests, the primary aim of brake cleaner is to ensure that your brakes are free from the contaminants mentioned above.

Brake cleaner aka parts cleaner is a colorless cleaning substance which is often touted as a solvent that evaporates without leaving any dirt remnant on the metal or glass surface. It's primary uses include cleaning brake disks, engine parts and other metal components that tend to get greasy.

Brake cleaners are harmful to most plastics so they are mostly packaged in metal spray cans. It can also damage the skin, if exposed to the chemical for a long time. Users are given certain precautions which you will learn later in this guide.

Brake cleaners are primarily used in the degreasing and wiping of metallic areas of car parts, excluding painted surfaces or other chemical sensitive surfaces. Degreasing is a procedure where metallic parts are set up for succeeding activities such as painting, electroplating or car repair. Brake cleaners can help you get rid of fats, oils, resins, dusts and tar on or in between tiny parts of an automobile.

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So, let us see how to apply it ;

1) Park your car in a well-ventilated area.

2) Open the cap of the brake cleaner and insert.

3) Spray generously on and around your brake discs or drums, calipers, and pads. You may also spray some cleaner on your wheels if they have accumulated any brake dust. Repeat as necessary until any debris and grease have been washed away.

Wipe down your wheels and soak up any excess cleaner with a lint-free cloth. Allow the wheels and brake parts to air dry for several minutes before moving the car again.